Did Africa inspire Martin Luther’s Reformation?

On this day on which the Church remembers the Protestant Reformer, Martin Luther, we wanted to share with you this fascinating research we came across which shows that Luther’s thinking was influenced by what he learnt about the Ethiopian Christian Church of his time. We were drawn to this research because we love ideas thatContinue reading “Did Africa inspire Martin Luther’s Reformation?”

Church trends — highlights from the Digital Labs conference

Last week we attended the Church of England’s Digital Labs conference and we want to share with you a few things that were highlights for us. The conference was such a timely opportunity to discuss positive and exciting perspectives on the way the Church can grow in the online space — not only in sizeContinue reading “Church trends — highlights from the Digital Labs conference”

Four things Minecraft Live can teach us about All-Age Church and communicating

Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all time, with popularity among fans from ages six to infinity (as our kids put it). Its creativity and collaborative ethos make it an exciting space for church, as we’ve noted here before. But Minecraft also provides a striking example of communication that reaches all ages. Mojang, theContinue reading “Four things Minecraft Live can teach us about All-Age Church and communicating”