Church trends — highlights from the Digital Labs conference

Last week we attended the Church of England’s Digital Labs conference and we want to share with you a few things that were highlights for us. The conference was such a timely opportunity to discuss positive and exciting perspectives on the way the Church can grow in the online space — not only in sizeContinue reading “Church trends — highlights from the Digital Labs conference”

Harvest lunch to go!

Ah, the Harvest Lunch, that much-loved standard of the rural church’s calendar…. But as the Autumn season of 2020 approaches, the traditional-style Harvest Lunch in the village hall is not looking feasible in the context of COVID-19. This sadly means potentially missing out, not only on a significant fundraising event for your church, but alsoContinue reading “Harvest lunch to go!”

How to Make a Minecraft Church Poster

Or “how to not look boring” as our kids say. Children have incredibly high design values. They know exactly what typefaces, colours and overall “look” are part of the aesthetic of their favourite cartoons or games. So designing posters and flyers that connect with children means paying attention to these things because they quite rightlyContinue reading “How to Make a Minecraft Church Poster”