Harvest lunch to go!

Ah, the Harvest Lunch, that much-loved standard of the rural church’s calendar…. But as the Autumn season of 2020 approaches, the traditional-style Harvest Lunch in the village hall is not looking feasible in the context of COVID-19. This sadly means potentially missing out, not only on a significant fundraising event for your church, but also on a great opportunity for togetherness and community. Before you resign yourself to not being able to hold a Harvest Lunch this year, have you considered whether you might be able to do something a little different? How about a Harvest Lunch to Go? Traditional autumn food — soups, crumbles, jacket potatoes, spicy biscuits — all packaged up for people to take away. 

You may even find that a shake-up of the traditional Harvest Lunch format attracts newcomers, people who haven’t been before and might normally be put off by the idea of sitting down to eat in a room full of church people they don’t know.

Also, don’t forget that Harvest Lunch are a super opportunity to let people know about services and activities you have coming up for Advent and Christmas. 

A great way to advertise church events for your community on social media is short motion graphics videos, such as this idea we put together for a Harvest Lunch to Go